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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is outreach required?

Yes, successful completion of the outreach phase of your school is REQUIRED for all DTS’s and most second-level schools.

How To Get Started With it?

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Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit as such, DTS students just need to be old enough to have completed secondary school or high school. We do have certain DTS’s that are designed for certain age groups if you would prefer.

Do I need to apply for health insurance?

Yes, all international students and staff will be required to have health insurance.

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What People Are Saying

My DTS at Zion completely transformed me. I came here broken and hurt. But Gods overwhelming, reckless LOVE absolutely healed my heart. - , Sweden.

Ida Dolk


I came here to find God and to know Jesus better . I wanted to know what my identity is in God. In Him we are pure. God is a loving father and he has only loving ways for us. We don't have to be afraid, because God cares about us and He loves us and He wants a relationship with us! To come here was the best decision, I ever made.

Delia Koller

At YWAM ZION hearts get healed, there is a lot of support and love and acceptance here. I believe it's an investment that will pay back a lifetime of blessings! 

Kathryn Drinkwater