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We believe that God can be met both in and outside the classroom

Are you amazed by our extreme God who created beautiful mountains, mighty waterfalls, roaring waves and deep unexplored cave systems? Do you enjoy expanding your horizons both physically and in your faith? We believe that God made the earth and all the incredible things in it in order that we might know Him more, and so we desire to truly experience and recognize Him as we engage with all He has made (Romans 1:20 NLT). For this reason, our Outdoor Pursuits Stream is built for you who are passionate about encountering God both in and outside of the classroom!


Prepare to be discipled in seeking intimacy with God through worship, intercession and lectures in conjunction with the rest of the training school, but with a twist of adventure on your allocated elective days and weekends. You can look forward to hiking, camping, and swimming in some of the best places in Northland, New Zealand!


Ultimately, we seek to be disciples who are always ready and willing to serve and share the good news of Jesus Christ. Expect to put what you learn in the classroom into practice as you travel abroad for your cross-cultural outreach, encountering God in new places and making him known in the nations. This portion of the DTS is set over the course of 8 to 10 weeks and is a required part of the UofN DTS curriculum. Students are prayerfully placed into teams with staff facilitation and commissioned to our partnering locations.

Course Dates

2024 - 2025

11 February 2024 – 6 July 2024

February 2025 – July 2025

Cost (NZD)

$4,500 Lecture Phase

$1,100 Activity Fee

est $5,000 Outreach


 UofN Accredited

University of the Nations




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Activity Info

Outdoor Pursuits does a wide range of activities* around Northland, allowing our students to connect with God in a completely different way than they would in the classroom. Whether on a stunning hike or snorkelling in a marine reserve, we want to help our students connect with God in various ways.

*All activities are assessed for risk and facilitated by trained guides where appropriate.

What to Bring

For activities outside the classroom be sure to bring activewear, wet weather gear, swimwear, comfortable hiking footwear (whether hiking boots, sports sandals, or runners), a water bottle, and a readiness to try new things! 

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