Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What airport should I fly into?

A: Your final destination should be Auckland International Airport. Within 2 days of the DTS commencing, some of our staff will be at the airport to pick you up and take you to YWAM Te Ao Marama in Auckland where you will stay until everyone else has arrived. You are welcome to arrive at this location earlier, however please advise us of this so we can arrange for your transport and accomodation with YWAM Auckland in advance. Once all students are present you will then be driven 2 hours further North to YWAM Zion.


Q: How much does the DTS cost?

A: Lecture phase $4,500 NZD – Activity fee (stream) $1,100 NZD –  Outreach (estimated) $5,000 NZD. Outreach cost varies dependent of location. That is a total of $10,600 NZD and excludes your initial travel costs to and from New Zealand, as well as any costs for vaccinations required to gain entrance to outreach locations. For more information on fees or financial enquiries, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!


Q: How can I apply to staff or volunteer short-term?

A: Check out our staff info page and apply here.


Q: What are the school start dates?

A: September 26th 2022 – open to visa-waiver countries. (See the list of visa-waiver countries here: Visa waiver countries and territories)

February 2023 – Open to all


Q: When are the stream activities?

A: The lecture phase is simultaneous to all the streams. Throughout the weekdays, all the streams will attend the daily schedule and do separate stream activities on the allocated weekends and occasional afternoons.

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