Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What airport should i fly into?

A: Auckland


Q: Are stream activities during the week?

A: No. The DTS as a whole has a weekly schedule that everyone attends. Stream activities are on the weekends (sometimes Friday afternoon also).


Q: How much does the DTS cost?

A: Lecture phase $4,500 NZD – Activity fee (stream) $1,100 NZD –  Outreach (estimated) $5,000 NZD. Outreach cost varies dependant of location. That is a total of $10,600 NZD


Q: How can i apply to staff?

A: Check out our staff info page and apply here.


Q: When are the school start dates?

A: Due to COVID-19, future school exact dates still to be confirmed. We have tentatively set a date for Jan 22 2021.


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