Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What airport should I fly into?

A: Your first location in New Zealand will be Auckland International, but your final destination should be Whangārei. You can choose to fly into Whangārei Domestic Airport or take the bus from Auckland International. Just be sure to send your itinerary/arrival time to the registrar so we know how you are arriving and can arrange your pick-ups. To explore flight and bus options from Auckland to Whangārei, follow this link:ārei

Q: How much does the DTS cost?

A: Lecture phase NZD 4,500 + Activity fee (stream) NZD 1,100 + Outreach (estimated) NZD 5,000. Outreach cost varies depending on location. That is a total of NZD 10,600 and excludes your initial travel costs to and from New Zealand, as well as any costs for vaccinations required to gain entrance to outreach locations. For more information on fees or financial inquiries, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!

Q: How do I exchange foreign currency in New Zealand?

A: New Zealand has money exchange stores and ATMs that will charge you a small fee per transaction. Please note, Whangārei banks do not accept international cheques or exchange large amounts of foreign cash. The bank you are with will help you determine how best to access your funds. We recommend discussing with your bank in advance and notifying them of your travel plans.

Q: How can I apply to staff or volunteer short-term?

A: Check out our staff info page and apply here.

Q: What are the upcoming school start dates?

  • Music & Worship: 8th September 2024 – 1 February 2025
  • Classic: 8th September 2024 – 1 February 2025
  • Outdoor Pursuits: February 2025 – July 2025
  • Surfers: February 2025 – July 2025

Q: When are the stream activities?

A: The lecture phase is simultaneous to all the streams. Throughout the weekdays, all the streams will attend the daily schedule and do separate stream activities on the allocated afternoons and occasional weekends.

Q: What is the accommodation situation on campus?

A: Come expecting roommates! Our students share rooms with students, and staff share with staff. We always do our best to provide you with adequate sleep and living space. If you are married you will be assigned a space of your own as a couple.

Q: What is the age range of DTS students?

A: Our students typically range from 18 years through to their late twenties, with the majority in their early twenties.

Q: Can friends or couples (married or dating) do DTS together too?

A: While most of our DTS students come as individuals, we do have friends and couples join us regularly. Dating couples are welcome, as well as married. We encourage couples at any stage to contact us before applying so that we can best support their DTS experience.

Q: Can I do only the Lecture portion and not partake in Outreach?

A: We require all of our students to partake in the full overseas outreach, with exceptions only given under unique circumstances. This is not only something we value as disciples seeking to reach more remote and underserved areas, but it is also a requirement of the UofN for a DTS pass grade.

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