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Our staff are a passionate team that love to see students growing, learning, and encountering Jesus. Serving in multiple ways throughout the base, they live alongside and support the students in their journey to a deeper relationship with the Lord.

A Bit About Staffing

The Process

1. Fill out the application form and added documents.

2. Your application will be processed.

3. If your application is approved we will arrange a video interview.

4. After the interview we will review and pray into your application.

5. once all this is completed, our leadership will be in contact to let you know if you are to be accepted or not.

6. If accepted, you will recieve an acceptance letter.

Please dont arrange visas or book flights before this process is completed.


What is YWAM…

YWAM is a set of Christian values and beliefs practically applied in a Divine Calling.


The ‘YWAM Calling’ requires a lifestyle of:

– Prayer – to walk closely with God in order to hear His voice.
– Worship – to praise God in all that we do.
– Faith – to believe God for what seems impossible.
– Missions – to recognize that others are waiting for the answers God provides and to reach out to them in both gospel ministry and humanitarian service – to love people as Christ loves us.
– Volunteerism – to seek to serve one another and not to advance one’s own position or assets – our reward is in heaven.
– Integrity and Holiness – to be morally upright in all interactions.
– Humility – to work for the good of others.
– Biblical Consistency – to practice the standards taught in the Bible.
– Practical Application – to live knowing that love is not true love unless there is application.

At the core of YWAM is the value, “To know God and to Make Him known”. This statement is the essence of the YWAM belief system or “worldview”. We are called to ‘Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and then to love our neighbor as ourselves’. YWAM is both the belief and the practical application of that belief.

A person who understands and embraces YWAM values, because they feel they are able to enter into this calling, is called a YWAMer. Anyone who embraces and practically applies this YWAM ‘DNA’ can become a YWAMer.

YWAM is not a club, institution, company, trust, denomination, structural formation, group of ministries, family or organisation. It is a unique, Christian, practice of faith with clearly defined values.

YWAM is a revolutionary faith idea/concept – that a person can know, for themselves, that they are called to do God’s work regardless of whether various religious institutions/churches/structures approve of that calling.

A Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a course that offers participants an in-depth opportunity to learn about YWAM values. The course consists of three months of lectures where a number of speakers teach on subjects such as:

– How to grow intimately close to God
– How to worship God with your whole heart
– How to hear God speaking to you
– How to treat your neighbor in a loving way
– How to walk in humility in all you do
– How to study the bible
– How to trust God
– How to recognize the need in your environment and community.

An Outreach is an amazing opportunity for participants to volunteer their time in order to practically apply their training. Outreach participants work in teams to benefit communities in need both locally and overseas. Often their experiences are so incredible, that the participant’s entire ‘world view’ changes. What was once materially important, now fades in comparison to the needs of others in the community and the love God has for them. Participants also often use this incredible experience to obtain future work with NGO’s around the world.

 Volunteer Staff Requirements

a) You need to know that God is leading you to be a part of YWAM as a whole and particularly within YWAM Zion. This should be confirmed by YWAM Zion Leadership.
b) Volunteer staff should be at least 18 years of age.
c) All Volunteer staff members should have successfully completed a Discipleship Training School. Other Schools or training programs may be required for specific ministries e.g.: School of Early Childhood Education, ACT 1, School of Missions.
d) Length of Commitment: Volunteer staff are asked to undertake a minimum of a two years commitment.

Associate Volunteer staff i.e., Mission Builders are able to serve for a period of 2 weeks to 3 months. Longer periods are at the discretion of the Ministry leadership. There may be an obligation to complete a DTS if wishing to serve for more than a year.

Staff Acceptance Procedure

Once a complete Staff Application is received by the Base or Ministry leadership team, it is prayerfully considered and you will be advised as soon as possible of your acceptance or otherwise.

Prayer and Financial Support

Prayer: We encourage each staff member to have people committed to pray for them regularly. A regular prayer and newsletter is helpful in informing others of needs and news so they can pray.

Finance: Our staff are ‘non-salaried’ volunteer, unpaid workers and each worker is required to trust God for their financial needs and travelling expenses to and from New Zealand plus personal expenses within New Zealand.

An estimated minimal monthly budget for a single person for personal expenses would be approximately $150.00 NZD plus Accommodation Costs of $480.00 (this includes food, power, internet, water, accommodation and one town trip each week).

For a family requiring ‘off Base’ accommodation the rental costs would be between $300.00 and $500.00 NZD.

Each ministry would have other expenses: outdoor pursuits, surfers, music and worship, outreach, etc.

* (Please note that individual Base/Ministry Accommodation costs may vary from the amount quoted).


If you are from New Zealand or Australia there’s no need to worry.

Otherwise… If accepted, Before applying for your visa or booking your flight, please contact us so we can ensure this process is completed correctly.


Style and size of accommodation varies from Base to Base. In general, YWAM undertakes to provide adequate housing for committed staff members. Singles may be required to share a room as there is limited accommodation. For families, it may be required that you rent a small house in the local community.


Involvement of spouses

We believe God calls families, not just one spouse to the mission-field. It is therefore important that both partners are committed to the call of God within the context of a YWAM community. Both partners are encouraged to be involved in some aspect of ministry at a level and to a task consistent with their family responsibilities, gifts and callings.


Vacations and Holidays

Long-term staff are encouraged to take 4 weeks holiday per year. Those serving at YWAM Zion from other nations may like to take 2 to 3 months every 3 to 4 years for purposes of visiting family and church in their home country. This time extension is available to New Zealanders as well.


Pastoral Care

Spiritual Leaders are available to encourage spiritual growth and to assist staff in dealing with specific problems (or to direct you to those who can).


Consent for Treatment, Liability Release, Burial Statement

Volunteering for Mission work in NZ either short-term or long-term often puts an individual in a third world or a foreign notions situation. Although every conceivable step is taken to ensure safety and protection, illnesses do occur and accidents may happen. It is important to realize this. YWAM Zion strongly advises that short-term Volunteer Staff and Mission Builders have personal travel insurance (covering medical or death related expenses, field burial, etc.). Long-term Volunteer Staff and Mission Builders should carry personal health insurance with travel insurance clauses for long-term individuals. We strongly advise that individuals have a will.

Included in the application is a: Burial Statement, Consent for Treatment and a Liability Release Statement.

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