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Our Surf elective is for those that want Christ to be experienced and known naturally wherever we go. We seek to be missional in both our local surf region of Northland, and as we move out into New Zealand’s coastal communities. In addition to completing the basic DTS with the other electives, we surfers will head to the coast for surfing, camping, cafe’s, and more! All with the intention of connecting with Jesus as we go and seeing others encounter Him too.


Most importantly, we believe our passion for surfing is a tool for missions in New Zealand and abroad. We maintain that as we grow in relationship with Christ and others, we learn to recognize Him in all kinds of communities. We firmly believe in fostering good community connections beyond the base, and that through these organic relationships we can meet people where they are at just as Christ desires to. As we love one another In the same way Christ loves us, we believe this love is a mark of true worshippers in order that the world might know Him more (John 13:34-35).

We accept people of all surf levels, so whether you’re experienced or have never surfed before, that’s all good! For our beginner and Intermediate surfers we run lessons through Aotearoa Surf School , so you can improve in surfing while spreading the love of Christ.

Course Dates

2024 – 2025

11 February 2024 – 6 July 2024

February 2025 – July 2025

Cost (NZD)

$4,500 Lecture Phase

$1,100 Activity Fee

est $5,000 Outreach


 UofN Accredited

University of the Nations




What’s DTS all about?
What can I expect?

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Wanting to Learn?

We work in partnership with Aotearoa Surf School with their dedicated, qualified and experienced coaches. Surfers will be grouped by abilities and taught beach awareness, understanding the wind and waves, oceans and tides and staying safe at the beach, surfboard design and use, sea entry and correct surfboard handling, catching waves with correct body and hand position, stopping your surfboard, catching waves with paddling technique, learning the pop up to stand, standing surfing position and riding a wave for as long as possible, better paddling techniques for speed and efficiency, getting out past breaking waves, reading waves and understanding different types of waves, what to catch, when to and why, catching the unbroken wave, timing & take offs, frontside / backside turns and riding down the face of the wave and other techniques tailored for each surfer.


The Surfers DTS lecture phase is over 12 weeks. During this time the surf stream will go out to local beaches either Maungawhai Heads, Waipu Cove, Ocean Beach, and Te Arai Point on the East coast of New Zealand. 2 weekends are set aside as “free weekends” for the students to go out on their own and explore the country side of New Zealand. Due to surf being swell-dependent there are other activities the stream can take part in under these cirucmtances.

What to Bring

Surfboards and wetsuits are provided for all students, however if students have personal boards and wetties we encourage you to bring them.

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