Light drives out shadows of darkness. Light pierces the heart of stone. Light invigorates the dead to rise again. And all of this can happen in amoment of worship.
    What if there is more to worship than strumming a guitar and singing a few songs? What if there is more than a power ensemble or a victorious shout of praise? I guess my question is more of an answer.
​There is something more to true worship. And it is in exploring the depths of God.
     First Corinthians 2:10 says “For the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God,” and I believe we unlock something of this in worship. When we get into the this state of euphoria in worship, we start to let go of ourselves and fix our eyes on Jesus. And not just that but then Holy Spirit begins to bring us into the depths of His love, into the depths of who God is.
   It is here, where the revelations pour forth. It is here, where the light takes its full and rightful place in our midst. Then the shadows shiver in silence in awe of the Living God. The heart of stone softens in the washing of the Living Water. And that which was dead in us resurrects into more of who God has created us to be.
    Worship is never for usit is all for God. Yet God in His infinite glory spontaneously pours out when we are in His midst and we cannot help but be caught up in the splendor of it all. As a stone in a river cannot remain dry as the current enshrouds its surface, so we cannot be left unchanged when we are near the love of Christ in the throne of His glory. We become drenched in His affection as He welcomes His children home.
    Worship changes things. Not because of the worshipers but because of the power, authority, and depth of the King of Heaven. When Heaven is worshiped into a place, Heaven expands into an earth longing for fulfillment. The depths of God are called forth and the bride welcomes gladly her Jesus. It is a picture of what will soon be as the Kingdom of God is established on earth, of what it will feel like to be fulfilled in the presence of God.
    “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” (James 4:8)
​    God is longing for people to worship Him so He can lavish His love upon them. He loves the relationship and loves the personal worship as He draws us in more and more until we are locked on His eyes, unwilling to look around because of the beauty that is in Jesus. To delight in God in all things is worship. To see His eyes in all things and experience His depths is where the worshiper’s heart takes root. To see God is to become so enamored by Him that worship effortlessly flows out in response.
    Worship is our heart’s cry to be one again with our Beloved King of Glory. It is one of the few things we can do in this life that we can continue on into eternity because:
    Worship is God’s melody in the eternal song of relationship.

Tim Tuso

Our resident musician/writer, Tim is currently staffing his first school of Music and Worship. He carries a charismatic smile and those with full worships of the process that are fully functioned by kona labs autofill pools water sensor and contagious laughter and beneath both, a bold heart and a deep mind. Look out for more poetic revelations from Tim