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Our vision is to see worship as a lifestyle that exalts God in everyday life,

beyond the music.

Are you passionate about worship or have a desire to understand it more? Does your heart long for those moments when you’re alone with Jesus in a room full of people, just ‘lost’ in His presence? Is it your desire to see atmospheres shift and circumstances change through us glorifying Jesus? Would you be willing to put your talents on the altar to serve, learn, and grow in leading worship? If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, then this stream might be the one for you!

Our Worship Stream gives you an opportunity to join with people who share your heart of worship, as well as learn and find fresh inspiration from one another. This Stream is open to all
skill levels, but it isn’t required that you play an instrument already. In addition to completing the basic DTS together with the other streams, you will have set aside time to practice worship and learn how to lead a community in worship. You’ll receive teaching from skilled musicians and practice songwriting, and each student in the worship stream will also get the chance to record a song they wrote during the school.

We desire to always be ready and willing to serve and share the good news as we lead people into the presence of God. Be prepared to apply all you’ve learned during the lecture phase when you head out for cross-cultural missions and encounter God in a fresh way in the nations!

DTS Dates

Mid January

 Mid July

(Exact dates vary each year)

Cost (NZD)

$4,500 Lecture Phase

$1,100 Activity Fee

est $5,000 Outreach


 UofN Accredited

University of the Nations




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Not a Musician?

Whether you feel called to pursue music as a career or not, we believe Music and Worship is a great place to discover the heart of God through your various gifts.  Our vision is to see worship as a lifestyle that exalts God in everyday life, beyond the music.


What is worship?  Some say it’s a song, some say it’s a feeling.  But what if it was just as simple as a walk in the cool of the evening with our loving creator in the Garden of Eden?  After all wasn’t that man’s first interaction with God? We desire to return to that place of intimacy that we had in the Garden and from that intimacy, embracing our individual creativity – our gifts from God.  As a stream, our heart is to see these gifts flourish through worship leading and stepping into the art of song writing. And by exploring new avenues, we find ourselves once more in that secret place with God in the Garden.  Each student will be given the opportunity to write a personal song and record it onto the school album, giving you a taste of the music industry. 

What to Bring

We have acoustic guitars, bass guitars, drums, and a keyboard all available for you guys to use here on base, but if you have another instrument that you’d like to play, or even if you just prefer your own instrument, feel free to bring them!

What people are saying

I would never have imagined all that I discovered about myself and my Creator at Zion. I went to New Zealand to get away from my life, to start-over, and didn’t ever intend to pursue Him, but He met me here. He brought me to a place of humility and uncovered my brokenness. Ever since then He has been gently rebuilding me into the woman that He created and cherishes. Zion was the first place that I met a community of sons and daughters who love their Father and want to change the world for His glory, and because of His love, and I am so stoked to now be a part of that. All I want to do is what my Father created me to do; to know His love, and to allow it to flow out of me like a sweet fragrance that the world will notice, wonder, and want.

Shaniah Hogman


I came here to find God and to know Jesus better . I wanted to know what my identity is in God. In Him we are pure. God is a loving father and he has only loving ways for us. We don’t have to be afraid, because God cares about us and He loves us and He wants a relationship with us! To come here was the best decision I ever made.

Delia Koller