Outdoor Pursuits DTS

New Zealand

Paint Ball – Kayaking – Canyoning – Camping – Caving – ​Snorkeling – High Ropes – Bungee Jumping – Hiking.

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Do you like Adventure?

We believe that God can be found both in and outside of the classroom.

If this is the way you like to spend your weekends, then “Outdoor Pursuits” is the stream you’re looking for.

Here at Zion we specialize in providing a large range of outdoor activities. These include Extreme sports, canyoning, and stunning hikes in some of New Zealand’s most beautiful terrain.

If you are one that likes a more challenging those are by official website san diego landscaping adventure, then why not join your fellow Adrenalin junkies and get a taste of what New Zealand has to offer. 

We believe that God can be found both in and outside of the classroom, so pack your bags, grab your boots, and join us for an unforgettable experience that will challenge you in your pursuit of Him. 

All activities are carried out by specialists within their fields to ensure the safety of each student. 

The price listed below is all inclusive for our lecture phase, and outreach phase! It includes accomodation, food, stream activities, speakers, flights to and from outreach, and all outreach expenses. 

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DTS Dates

19th January, 2019 - 21st June,2019

20th July, 2019 - 20th December, 2019

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New Zealand Dollar

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UofN Accredited

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What's DTS all about?
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Wanting to Learn?

If you enjoy adventure, adrenaline, and love finding God in creation then Outdoor Pursuits is definitely the right stream for you to join!


With our Outdoor Pursuits stream, we do a wide range of activities around Northland, which allows our students to connect with God in a completely different way than they would in the classroom. Whether it be being stunned by his amazing creation at the top of a hike, being forced to trust in his goodness as you bungee jump off a bridge, or just hearing him speak to you through the beauty of nature, we want to help our students connect with God in all sorts of different ways. 

What to Bring

Make sure you bring active wear, swimwear, shoes to hike in (whether they be real hiking boots or just runners), a water bottle, and a readiness to try new things!


What People Are Saying

My DTS at Zion completely transformed me. I came here broken and hurt - but Gods overwhelming, reckless LOVE absolutely healed my heart.  

Ida Dolk


I came here to find God and to know Jesus better . I wanted to know what my identity is in God. In Him we are pure. God is a loving father and he has only loving ways for us. We don't have to be afraid, because God cares about us and He loves us and He wants a relationship with us! To come here was the best decision, I ever made.

Delia Koller


At YWAM ZION hearts get healed. There is a lot of support and love and acceptance here. I believe it's an investment that will pay back a lifetime of blessings!

Kathryn Drinkwater

New Zealand